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Planning to move soon? Have antiques to pack and bring with you on the move? If you answered yes, then the next thing to consider is calling a mover to assist you. In Charlotte, NC, a great number of moving companies exist. Yet sadly, no local mover comes close to the credentials and qualities of ACE Movers. We offer first rate services that are priced reasonably and delivered quickly. For more than 12 years, ACE Movers has been leading the market for moving services. With over 12 years of experience carried under our belt, we possess both the expertise and resources to generate the best possible results. Still not convinced why it should be us?

antique mover Charlotte, NC

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Moving is already a difficult task, what more if you are moving with delicate and valuable items like antiques? If not handled properly, you risk your valued antiques from damages during packaging and moving. If you do not want to risk the safety of your items, then we suggest you work with our moving company. ACE Movers carries experience in both planning and preparation, keys to the most efficient move possible. Allow our select team of trained and accredited antique movers to manage your antiques while you take care of other items or take a break from the stressful and tedious relocation process.

Whether you’re looking for a moving company that has same-day services or one that specializes in antiques or appliances, all sources will be pointing to us at the end. We at ACE Movers is proud to carry the flagship title for quality moving services throughout the entire Charlotte, NC area. Our prices are extremely cheap and industry-competitive. Only prices are guaranteed cheap as we maintain service quality at high levels. Speed and care for your items are also something we take into serious consideration. We have the fastest moving operations and the most responsive team you could possibly find. We also practice extra care to ensure no items are damaged or lost.

There are tons of service covered by the moving industry. From moving furniture to appliances to antiques and so on, the needs largely differ based upon the items, budget limits and the time frame allowed for completion. At ACE Movers, we strive to create a versatile environment to accommodate needs of varying sizes and sorts. And fortunate enough, we have been able to pull it off successfully, making us the one stop shop for all moving requirements in Charlotte, NC. If you are looking for an antique mover in Charlotte, NC, we will be more than happy to do the job for you. Our antique movers are proficient and use only state-of-the-art equipment and well-maintained large removal vehicles. Contact us today at (704) 838-6042!