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No Comments on How to Avoid Moving Scams

Tips and Tricks That Can Help You Get the Most Our of Your Moving & Storage Service

movers with boxesA recent study has shown that the average American moves at lest seven times in a lifetime. This means that there is a huge demand for moving services out there. Luckily, the moving industry responded properly to the ...

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No Comments on Should You Go with a Professional Furniture Mover or DIY?

Deciding whether to take the furniture with you when changing your home involves a lot of consideration. I guess it depends on the case; however, most people take most of their furniture when they move. One of the reasons is saving money. Buying new furniture for an entire home is not quite a light expense. However, if you decide to move your furniture, then make sure you hire a moving company that specializes in furniture moving.

Two men carrying couch up stairsMoving a table or a king size be...

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No Comments on Need Help Relocating Your Piano in the Charlotte, NC Area?

Why You Should Hire an Experienced Piano Mover

Moving is usually a very stressful time in any person’s life, especially if he or she has not found someone to help them throughout the whole thing. And if you have to move a piano along with all your other furniture and belongings, you definitely need to consider finding a professional piano mover to help you with the relocation of that fragile musicale instrument.

So, you are probably wondering you would need to hi...

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No Comments on Want to Know How to Move Your Expensive Spinet Piano?

How a Piano Mover Moves a Spinet

Know your spinet piano.

This piano is the smallest kind found in homes. First manufactured in the 1930s, and through to the 20th century, a spinet piano’s small size is done through clever engineering with the key mechanisms within. They are not too tall, approximately 0.9m in height and are around 147.3 cm in length, the same as other upright pianos.

Plan your moving route.

Make sure you have a clear route from the beginning to t...

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No Comments on Not Sure about the Etiquette for Tipping?

What Homeowner Needs to Know About Tipping Their Furniture Mover

Tipping movers has been a topic of some debate for many years. Some people ask why they should tip them in the first place, some ask if they do tip them, exactly how much is enough or too much? Especially when using a furniture mover can be quite expensive in the long run.

smiled moversPeople working as a movers do suggest that 5% of the total cost of a move is a decent enough tip...

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No Comments on Need Some Advice on How to Move Your Upright Piano?

Tips from a Professional Piano Mover on How to Move an Upright Piano

Upright pianos weight ranges from 300 to 800 pounds, sometimes depending on the model even more. Moving anything this size will need multiple people, in addition to taking one’s time and a lot of patience. The logistics on how to move upright pianos will take some forward planning and a few helping hands.

First, make sure the lid is down and locked into place, this reduces the likelihood of dama...

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No Comments on Want to Know How to Move Furniture Without Damaging Your Back?

Tips from a Professional Furniture Mover on How to Correctly Move Heavy Furniture

Packing to move house is never simple, it means going through every room, throwing away items saved but never once used. Next, gathering different sized boxes to pack everything into. Once all the small stuff is done, next comes the big items. Taking up a carpet in a room means removing all the furniture it sits on, and some items can be extremely heavy...

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No Comments on What Tools Are Used to Move Pianos?

When Will a Piano Mover Use a Dolly?

A piano mover uses a device known as a dolly, this is designed to help people with the movement of heavy objects, like appliances or big pieces of furniture. Most piano moving firms keep dollies at hand and will even rent them out on request. It is also possible to purchase dollies from firms that supply moving materials...

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No Comments on What Is the Job Description of a Piano Mover?

Need a Specialist to Move Your Baby Grand?

A piano mover is a professional who specializes in moving pianos. Whether it is simply moving a piano between floors within the same house or moving it from one end of the country to the another, this kind of job does require great skill to stop any damage being done on the instrument and its surroundings, not to mention preventing injury to the movers. In order to transport a piano safely and with the smallest of financ...

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No Comments on How to Choose a Local Mover to Transport My Hot Tub

Need a Professional to Safely Transport Your Hot Tub?

Should you own a hot tub that you want to move from one place to another, you will need a local mover that is equipped to do it. Hot tubs are big, heavy, and difficult to move and need extra care when handling so not to damage or break the mechanical parts or the tub itself. Depending upon where you live, there may be hot tub movers

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