Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

[xa_acc style=”xa-blue” ][xa_slide title=”Before actually transporting any of my items, do you perform a complete loading and unloading service?” icon=”truck”]As the reliable local mover, you can count on us for everything from properly packing every single one of your items to loading them carefully onto our transportation vehicles. You won’t have to exert yourself by lifting any heavy loads![/xa_slide][xa_slide title=” I am very concerned about the condition of my items. I have a rare collection/ antique items that need to be handled with extreme care. Are you the experienced antique movers I am looking for?” icon=”truck”]Every single person in our team of specialists is more than capable of handling items of special nature. Our professionals are not your ordinary haulers – every one of them has been trained and qualified with the handling of special-valued items. You can be sure that your collection is good hands![/xa_slide][xa_slide title=”I am concerned about any liability issues if something is damaged. Is your company qualified enough to take on any professional risks?” icon=”truck”]What makes us different from any other mover on the market is not only the fact that we are experienced and capable of handling an incredible variety of items, but the fact that we are fully licensed and insured. If you decide to go with us, you won’t have to worry about anything![/xa_slide][xa_slide title=”I have an office/ business that needs to be relocated to another location, are you capable of handling a large volume of professional appliances?” icon=”truck”]Without a doubt! As a business that was based on dedication and service quality, we have more than 10 years of experience in working with businesses and offices of any kind. Any computer terminals, printers, desks, etc., will be handled with the utmost regard for their safety![/xa_slide][xa_slide title=”I need to transport a variety of items, some locally, others in a different state – can you help me out?” icon=”truck”]As a business that offers variety in addition to quality, we are here to make it happen. Whether you want us to move your furniture a few blocks down the street or in the neighboring state, you can count on us – you won’t be disappointed![/xa_slide][xa_slide title=” I really didn’t have time to properly pack my items, do you do packing as well?” icon=”truck”]Absolutely! Our business uses the finest, most durable packing materials on the market. Boxes, wrap, padding – these are only a few of the materials we implement in our packaging solutions. All of your items will be properly protected![/xa_slide][xa_slide title=”I need the help of a piano mover that understands the importance of the musical instrument. Are you able to pull it off?” icon=”truck”]Whether you need a piano or furniture mover, you can rely on us. Our company has a lot of experience with oddly shaped items, pianos included. You won’t have to worry about any scuffs or markings appearing during the transportation process – we always provide the most fragile pieces with anti-shock padding that will absorb every single bump on the road. If you need a mover that cares, you have come to the right place! Feel free to call (704) 838-6042 and find out more on our Charlotte, NC moving services! [/xa_slide][/xa_acc]