How to Choose a Local Mover to Transport My Hot Tub

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Need a Professional to Safely Transport Your Hot Tub?

Should you own a hot tub that you want to move from one place to another, you will need a local mover that is equipped to do it. Hot tubs are big, heavy, and difficult to move and need extra care when handling so not to damage or break the mechanical parts or the tub itself. Depending upon where you live, there may be hot tub movers in your phone book, however, if not, you may have to contract the move out to other removal firms.

moving equipmentBefore agreeing to get your hot tub moved, think first of the following potential issues. If your tub is new and still under its warranty, check with your dealer before moving it, thus ensuring you don’t void the warranty. Some hot tub retailers have their own delivery service. Should you be the original owner of the tub, you may want to contact the same local mover that delivered it.

Should you be moving an existing hot tub or the one that you bought from somebody else, the warranty won’t apply. In this case, look for a mover in your region; should that fail, contact a piano movers. Piano movers sometimes work in conjunction with spa dealers and could agree to move your tub. Piano movers are as just as capable and equipped to move a hot tub. Whoever you use for the move, ensure the company has a lift truck, which will reduce the chances of damage to your hot tub from any accidental dropping when loading.

In the event you just want to get rid of an old hot tub from your house, the quality of the move is not so urgent. Should the tub be in good condition, you can advertise the hot tub free. Most people are more than willing to make arrangements for removal in exchange for taking the hot tub off your hands. However, should the tub not be working, contact recycling companies or junk yards within your region. Ensure to ask if they can disassemble the tub or if you have to do this job yourself.

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