Need Help Relocating Your Piano in the Charlotte, NC Area?

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Why You Should Hire an Experienced Piano Mover

Moving is usually a very stressful time in any person’s life, especially if he or she has not found someone to help them throughout the whole thing. And if you have to move a piano along with all your other furniture and belongings, you definitely need to consider finding a professional piano mover to help you with the relocation of that fragile musicale instrument.

So, you are probably wondering you would need to hire a separate mover just for your piano, rather than just use a regular house mover’s service. The main reason why you should find a professional who specializes in piano moving is that they will have an adequate training for the job and will have the needed equipment, so they can safely relocate the instrument.

Keep in mind that the average upright piano weighs somewhere between 400 and 900 pounds, and the grand pianos can weigh between 650 and 1300 pounds. And the value of those pianos can go up to 500 000 dollars depending on the model, make, age and the condition of the instrument. As for the moves, the majority of them involve carrying the pianos through a tight space, like small doors or staircases. That’s why, in some cases, the piano needs to be taken apart, so it can be taken out of your home. And by using a professional for the job, the risk of damaging your instrument will be drastically minimized.

When you hire a company offering a piano moving service, you can expect them to send you 2 to 3 people equipped with piano skids, ramps, moving pads, slings and the knowledge needed to move safely your piano. Also, they will use special techniques to help them maneuver the piano out of your home. Once they load it in the truck, they will secure it to avoid damaging it during the transportation.

So, if you live in Charlotte, NC and you need to hire an experienced piano mover, you shouldn’t be looking any further than ACE Movers.

You can contact us at (704) 838-6042 and hire us to help you safely relocate your valuable instrument.