Need Some Advice on How to Move Your Upright Piano?

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Tips from a Professional Piano Mover on How to Move an Upright Piano

Upright pianos weight ranges from 300 to 800 pounds, sometimes depending on the model even more. Moving anything this size will need multiple people, in addition to taking one’s time and a lot of patience. The logistics on how to move upright pianos will take some forward planning and a few helping hands.

First, make sure the lid is down and locked into place, this reduces the likelihood of damage being done to the keys in transit. Lift the piano up, this will take a minimum of 2 people, all depending on how heavy the piano in question is. Or, 2 people can raise one of the short ends to the ground, meaning the opposite end is in the air. However, never support the piano’s weight on either one of the fragile front legs.

Install a 4 wheeled dolly beneath the piano, using a 3rd person not involved in lifting the piano. Put the center of the piano to the rear due to the fact that there is more weight on the back than to the front where the keys are situated. Place the piano on the dolly, making sure you balance it, so it does not fall in case you let go.

Roll the piano to the van or truck, ensuring that you stabilize the piano when rolling over any bumps or holes in the floor. Pull the ramps from the van or truck and lock them in place.

Place one person at the lead of the piano, they will pull and guide it onto and up the ramp. Two more must be at the bottom in order to push the piano up. This position is the heavier end, so two people will be required to push the piano up whilst the lead person manoeuvres it into the cargo hold.

However, if this is not possible, then call a professional piano mover, they will have the expertise and equipment to ensure your expensive upright is taken care of properly.

So if you need help moving your piano, call ACE Movers now at (704) 838-6042, we are a professional piano mover service based in the Charlotte, NC area.