Not Sure about the Etiquette for Tipping?

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What Homeowner Needs to Know About Tipping Their Furniture Mover

Tipping movers has been a topic of some debate for many years. Some people ask why they should tip them in the first place, some ask if they do tip them, exactly how much is enough or too much? Especially when using a furniture mover can be quite expensive in the long run.

smiled moversPeople working as a movers do suggest that 5% of the total cost of a move is a decent enough tip. However, not every mover agrees with this; these are the ones which move people across the country, and do not expect a tip to be given at all. Some people think that tipping a mover needs to be based on whether the service provided was good and whether any property was damaged and the trip went smoothly.

However, it is customary to give a furniture mover a tip. However, the next question is how to tip them when there are several movers involved in your move. Sadly, giving the movers’ foreman does not always mean the others will actually receive it. People should tip movers individually.

But, before you start to panic, this doesn’t mean you will give 5% of the total cost for your move to each individual mover who was involved. Instead, do the math, and split the 5% tip into equal portions for every individual mover. It’s also acceptable to give more to a particular mover who was more helpful than the others; however, this needs to be done quietly so that the other movers involved won’t see it.

Some advise all that is needed when tipping your movers is to offer plenty of hot or cold drinks when they arrive at your new destination, or even food. Movers do warn that, under no circumstances, should they be given alcohol, due to the fact most of them are not allowed to carry it within their vehicles. Also, the movers could have other jobs to go to after yours, so they should never be encouraged to drink whilst on the job, more so when they need to drive.

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