Should You Go with a Professional Furniture Mover or DIY?

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Deciding whether to take the furniture with you when changing your home involves a lot of consideration. I guess it depends on the case; however, most people take most of their furniture when they move. One of the reasons is saving money. Buying new furniture for an entire home is not quite a light expense. However, if you decide to move your furniture, then make sure you hire a moving company that specializes in furniture moving.

Two men carrying couch up stairsMoving a table or a king size bed is not as easy as you may think. First of all, the piece of furniture must be disassembled. No furniture mover will load a major piece of furniture in their truck without disassembling it first. The main reason for doing so is space economy. The smaller the pieces of furniture are, the easier it is to stack them in the truck.

Disassembling furniture is a tricky task. Keep in mind that you’ll have to assemble the pieces back together in your new home. It may look easy to dismantle your dining table, but I assure you it will be much harder to put it back together. A professional furniture mover with many years of experience will know how to do the task in a few minutes, while for you, it may take hours.

Furniture is mostly made of big wooden plates and a lot of small metal pieces that hold them together. Losing one of those pieces may make the reassemble impossible. It is very important to put all small metal pieces in zip-tie bags and then in proper boxes. Don’t forget to label the box and the bags. Most of these tasks will be taken care of by your movers, but it’ still a good idea to make sure they don’t miss anything.

If you have antique furniture, then the moving task is even more complicated. Most antique furniture cannot be disassembled, so it will have to be moved as it is. Luckily, there are contractors that offer such services. ACE Movers is a reputable moving company that specializes in antique furniture moving services.

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