What Tools Are Used to Move Pianos?

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When Will a Piano Mover Use a Dolly?

A piano mover uses a device known as a dolly, this is designed to help people with the movement of heavy objects, like appliances or big pieces of furniture. Most piano moving firms keep dollies at hand and will even rent them out on request. It is also possible to purchase dollies from firms that supply moving materials. Also, dollies are used for moving homes and offices, and in big warehouses and other places where big objects have to be moved often.

A standard dolly has a low platform set upon a set of caster. The wheels and platform are reinforced so it can carry very heavy loads, and the assembly is normally low to the ground, thus ensuring overhead clearance will not be a problem when moving through a door. The dolly has no handles, so the users push the object instead. It is possible to secure large objects on a dolly using tie downs so that they cannot fall or wobble off.

Two wheeled ones that come with handles create an L-shape which are referred to as two wheeled dollies or hand trucks. These are made to take smaller loads, and as a general rule, many of them can fold to be easily transported and stored when not in use. Hand trucks are common in places where packages are regularly handled, as they are used to efficiently and quickly move large and awkward boxes.

There are, however, some safety issues to bear in mind when using a piano mover dolly. Never overload it, as many dollies do come with weight restrictions. It is not advisable to leave anything on dollies while they are being transported or shipped, as they do move and could potentially damage surrounding objects which are also getting transported. Tie downs should always be used when hauling big or fragile items, and individuals have to be cautious when moving dollies over uneven ground.

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