Want to Know How to Move Furniture Without Damaging Your Back?

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Tips from a Professional Furniture Mover on How to Correctly Move Heavy Furniture

Packing to move house is never simple, it means going through every room, throwing away items saved but never once used. Next, gathering different sized boxes to pack everything into. Once all the small stuff is done, next comes the big items. Taking up a carpet in a room means removing all the furniture it sits on, and some items can be extremely heavy. Some furniture will take more than just oneself to move it, more so if the furniture is old and made from real wood. This is a back-breaking job; however, it can be made easier if you know how.

Family and worker unloading truck of cardboard boxes

Family and mover unloading truck of boxes

Purchase sliders of all sizes at your local home goods or hardware store. Raise each corner of a piece of furniture and place the slider underneath it so the smooth edges are facing to the floor. Moving the furniture, once all the corners have sliders on, the friction is eliminated, meaning furniture will able to be moved much easier.

Sliders can be used on carpeting. If you have wooden floors, put an old carpet or a rag beneath each leg before moving any items of furniture; it slides much easier and does not scratch the floor. If you carry on moving the furniture, and not stop halfway, it is a lot easier to push. Due to the fact friction does increase when something comes to a halt.

Another technique of moving heavy objects is placing broom handles beneath them and simply rolling on them. However, never use this method to move tall and heavy items like bookshelves as they could fall and cause untold damage to you or the room in question. The best way to move bookshelves is by emptying the books beforehand.

Always remember, we professional furniture mover experts, never lift just with our backs. Remember to use your legs, and to keep your torso and body straight. When raising heavy items, lift using your legs, then back and arms.

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