Want to Know How to Move Your Expensive Spinet Piano?

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How a Piano Mover Moves a Spinet

Know your spinet piano.

This piano is the smallest kind found in homes. First manufactured in the 1930s, and through to the 20th century, a spinet piano’s small size is done through clever engineering with the key mechanisms within. They are not too tall, approximately 0.9m in height and are around 147.3 cm in length, the same as other upright pianos.

Plan your moving route.

Make sure you have a clear route from the beginning to the end, before you start to move your piano, and let your piano mover, or everyone that will be helping you move. Use a tape measure, this is to make sure your spinet will go through each door or opening you need to go through. If the piano is moved out of the house into a moving truck, make sure the truck is open, and all ramps are deployed in advance. Also, move your piano before any other furniture, this will ensure there is sufficient room for your team to manoeuvre. For safety aspects, one person for every 100 pounds is needed when moving a piano. This could mean there are more people than needed; however, extra help will be able to assist in other ways, like opening doors and can help when somebody begins to get tired.

Prepare your piano.

Make sure you lock the spinet’s and keyboard lid down if there are such. Wrap the piano in blankets, and use packing tape to make sure the blankets are secured tightly around the piano. This prevents scuffing done to the corners and finish.

Moving the piano.

Because of the low profile on a spinet, it makes it relatively easy move. Using as many people as you think necessary, get each one to lift different parts of the piano together. Make sure that everyone is lifting from the underbelly of the piano.

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