What Is the Job Description of a Piano Mover?

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A piano mover is a professional who specializes in moving pianos. Whether it is simply moving a piano between floors within the same house or moving it from one end of the country to the another, this kind of job does require great skill to stop any damage being done on the instrument and its surroundings, not to mention preventing injury to the movers. In order to transport a piano safely and with the smallest of financial risks to the mover and the piano owner, a mover should ensure that they use special equipment and techniques and have sufficient insurance coverage.

piano transportationSometimes people that are moving try to cut costs by using friends and family to help them move. However, when moving a piano, it is always advisable to hire a professional. Pianos can be very heavy, all depending upon the type of piano, they can weigh anywhere from 300 to 1,300lbs. Also, their mechanisms and cases are very fragile and are easily damaged. A trained piano mover comes with the skill and knowledge to safely guide instruments between floors, tight areas, and in and out of removal vans.

Depending upon the weight and difficulty of a job, a professional piano mover usually works with a team of professionals. Usually he uses two pieces of equipment, these are pads and a dolly. A dolly is a flat bed on wheels. The piano is secured on this dolly so it is easily pushed over surfaces. Moving pads are pieces of cloth that are wrapped around a piano, stopping any damage being done on its body as it is manoeuvred through tight spaces.

While moving a piano through a one story house can be straightforward, the job of a piano mover can be so much more complicated. Should he be moving a piano that does not fit through doorways, the mover could have to remove the legs and lid of a piano. Should he have to transfer the piano through an upper floor to street level, he could use a crane to move the instrument down stairs or even via a window.

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